Seahawks Mock Draft & Offseason Speculation

The scouting combine is just around the corner and mock drafts are in full swing. Seahawks offseason speculation is in full swing. Here are some mock players people are talking about for their 1st round draft pick.

  • Cornerback Eli Apple    Eli Apple is a big corner a 6 foot 1 and over 200 lbs from Ohio State. He’s big, physical and fits the Seahawks mold in the secondary. He likes to use his hands, which Seahawks players always have. He would need some work to transition into a starter corner but he has a solid core. Seahawks Jeremy Lane and Shead are free agents this offseason. Lane is the only concern, he could get a big deal on the open market, as corners are always in short supply. Something the Hawks may not be able to do. Deshawn Shead is a free agent but has restrictions and the Seahawks wont let him get away this offseason.
  • Offensive Lineman Jack Cocklin    Jack Cocklin is a powerful tackle out of Michigan State. He shows he can be patient and could deal with speed rushers. He is not the most athletic lineman but could be fill a role, especially with Russell Okung’s exit likely.
  • Offensive Lineman Germain IfediGermain has played both guard positions and both tackle positions. Some scouts think he could be transitioned into a left tackle. In the mean time he could fill other roles on the O-line. Tom Cable would love to have this guy to work with especially the versatility.
  • Defense End Shaq Lawson  Lawson could be a pick the Seahawks could consider. The Defensive lineman in this draft go very deep. If the Seahawks take a Defensive Lineman it could a number of different players. Shaq Lawson is just projected to possibly fall a little.

The Seahawks have made a habit out of trading their picks away. If they get a chance they could trade their 1st round pick. John Schneider is quoted as saying he doesn’t like picking in the 1st round. The Seahawks do have more needs than the last few years so John and company may use it to shore up a spot on the Seahawks roster. The scouting combine will juggle a lot of these players around as far as a mock goes. Soon we will touch on some other players that might be considered this Seahawks offseason.

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