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The Most Ridiculous Trash Talk Against UW Fans.....Yes From An Oregon Duck

The Most Ridiculous Trash Talk Against UW Fans.....Yes From An Oregon Duck


I have been appalled by the behaviors of Husky fans over the many decades of my life, and in my personal experiences with them. Note that this article is not about the UW football team or the Washington coaching staff, but the Husky fans, which are simply the worst ever I have ever witnessed. Let’s look at why….
A fascinating aspect of talking to the fans around Seattle and listening to the local sportscasters in Montlake is how bat-sh*t delusional they are about Washington athletics, and in particular, football. Oregon fans who reside in Washington have regaled me with many of the crazed, exaggerated utterings that have come from Huskies, (These buffoonish banalities have been a great source of humor to me over the years) when these purple pronouncements of self-grandeur bear little relationship to reality.
Winning or losing–they are either the best ever, or will be next week! Now I, of all people, understand loving your team, (as a fan who has devoted most of his spare time to a volunteer site) but this silly over-inflated hyperbolic attitude that has prevailed through so many years is a mystery to me when looking at actual performance.

If you look at Washington’s football winning percentage over their entire 101 year football program, it is only at .579, and I am not counting ties as a win–it is only the winning percentage (adjusted) over time. Yuck, a .579 winning percentage? All the preening over that?
Arrogance, in the absence of performance, is pathetic.

Yet last year at the halftime of a Washington game, Husky fans, players and the administration of Washington athletics celebrated this horrendously tainted season. In a garish and vulgar display of ill-begotten gains, they actually trotted out their “National Championship” trophy on national television.

My gosh … who celebrates winning by cheating?

Only the Huskies.

Yes I know how the Husky fans will chortle about last year’s win with 70 points put on the Ducks, and this year they will get some more licks in as Oregon rebuilds. I can actually empathize with them wanting revenge so badly as 12 years of dominance must have been unbelievably frustrating. I realize that these win streaks don’t go on forever, although for Husky fans, a dozen years must have felt like it.   If You Would Like To Read More Trash Talk.............


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