Seahawks coach talks offseason



Offensive line: “They did a good job. It was fun to watch those guys get after it. They were really sharp and it fit together well. Obviously with Thomas hittin it, we were just waiting for Thomas to get warmed up and he finally did. It was all on point and the effort was extra good. I think the line of scrimmage was its best (that its been all year).”

Marcel Reese : “He’s really a consistent player. Marcel’s got good instincts. He is a good pass catcher, he moves well and uses those instincts in the passing game. He got a good sense for it and made some nice plays. He adds a little spark out there.” 

Will he play this week: “I don’t know that, he got stepped on and his foot was really sore during the game.”

Paul Richardson catch: “It was an amazing catch. Then Doug took off like he was shot out of a cannon to go after the official for not calling the penalty. I thought what is he doin they already called it. I didn’t even see him catch the ball at all. I was just looking for the flag. Not till well after did i realize what happened. Doug saw it right away and went crazy but it was an amazing play.”

Going for it on 4th downs: “I was feelin it you know, just feelin the line of scrimmage, the defense and the opportunity. So we just went for it and we were kinda in that mindset.” 

Playoff football: “There is a lot of excitement and a great amount of fun. You cant help but feel the hype and intensity of just the event coming with all the stuff going on around you. It just feels so special to be in that opportunity. Its pretty darn exciting.” 

Bobby Wagner for Defensive Player of the Year: “Surely he’s gotta be in the running for that. Everyone’s gotta agree that’s the right guy to pick but he’s a great candidate for that.”

Atlanta Falcons: “ Of course( there is an advantage to seeing a team earlier in the year)for both teams. Its a relative advantage that were going to try and whip ’em at during the week. Hoping that we’ll get more out of it than they do and we’ll be battling too. There are a lot of great match ups inside of this game and its going to be exciting to watch. There is tremendous scheme familiarity (Dan Quinn and line coach). Their concepts, principals and blocking we all know it so well. I think this is really fun. It’s like the chess game that you go against a guy whose really good. It’s pretty fun.” 


On being 4.5 point underdogs: “I don’t even know what that means. I pay so little attention to that I wouldn’t know what 4 points means vs 7 points.” 

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