Seahawks coach talks offseason

Talking Hawks with Pete Carroll

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll talks Seahawks after they lose bad to the Green Bay Packers.


  • Seahawks coach on the loss: "Wow what a mess! It's a classic illustration of the ball. You have to take care of it, you have to do everything to protect it. It's the classic example of it, it just like the snowball started rolling and it just got bigger and couldn't stop it. They couldn't of had more balls bounce exactly the right way for them. They were on the spot, they were right where they needed to be and they took full advantage of it. We played a great quarterback. Gosh he was awesome! The accuracy he threw with was really extraordinary. They took advantage of everything and we looked like garbage!"
  • "You've never seen us look like that , its not something that just caught us. That was a strange game. We have a championship run right now, we have to go for it. We gotta get our football right and we're going to do that!"
  • Russell 5 interceptions: "We didn't handle the ball as well. You could see we miss placed some catches. Russ missed some throws he'd normally hit. He looked great in pre-game. He was ripping the ball. He prepared great and the ball just wasn't flying as true as it needs to. It seemed like there was a factor in there that we were not managing as well(possibly the cold weather). It didn't seem like it was an issue. The craziness of all the turnovers, I cant explain that."
  • Thomas Rawls: "He ran the ball well. Its been a month now and we are able to run the football. We need to stay with and run it. This week (Rams), we are going to have to run the ball for sure."
  • Aaron Rodgers: "We wanted to keep him in the pocket but then he out did us. And we started the game and we're no where near the guy. By the time we were like we need to get after the guy we weren't able to. Its a little bit disappointing. We need to rush better obviously than that. When he held the football for 3 seconds, 4 seconds, 5 seconds on some plays then those slant routes become over routes. He was able to find their guys after the initial rush. He was on fire and he hit 'em all."
  • Russell's reaction after game: "He took it to heart, he knew he didn't do well. There were some mishaps that happened in that game, like the Jimmy interception. Then the ball bounces off a screen and then the ball bounces off hands. They are not great throws, those things kinda just happen. The deep one to Doug it was underthrown. The ball didn't fly accordingly, but we'll move on." 


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