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Hawk Talk with Pete Carroll: Thomas Rawls, Earl and Primetime Success

 Carroll on how Thomas Rawls runs: "The really good runners make guys have a knack for setting the defense and they make guys defend them.  When they see them start to fit into their gaps, then they go somewhere else. In essence they put players in a spot where the blockers can take advantage of that movement and then they run elsewhere. The great zone runners basically have that knack. Thomas is a very instinctive runner he's so quick he makes people move and then he can burst out to somewhere else. So he sets guys in there spaces, guys can fit there blocks. He was spectacular on some cuts last night."

Carroll on Earl Thomas and Steve Terrell: " He's going to help Stevie (steve Terrell) and contribute where ever he can, he's going to be all right.  Stevie is going to do fine. He's very disciplined, its really important in our scheme. He's really fast, he's 4.3's(40 yard time). That's why you see the burst to cover the ground that he does."

On Primetime Success: "We have a really good mentality about it. We play those games like we play other games. We take advantage of being very comfortable in those moments. That's all part of getting ready for playoffs too with all of the hype and build up around it. I think we handle that well. That's why if we can get a chance to win our division and we play some games at home , it will be a really good one because our guys are really comfortable in those settings."




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