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Hawk Talk with Pete Carroll



Pete Carroll:

  • "We didn't get started at all. I got to get everybody right and ready to go, and for whatever reason it just didn't happen at the start of the game you know. You just look at the first couple drives and the rest of it for the defense. They played terrific after that. So we weren't quite right and it was across the board. We had trouble with their pass rush, And we've been doing pretty good, and this was a solid group. Gerald is an awesome player and he just got off to better than we did right from the start. We never really got going. It was an off game for us."
  • "There were plenty of times and opportunities to get back in it. We couldn't catch up with it and the overall affect, they rushed us hard and got scored on. They scored again and we really never got going right. It was an off game for us. It was 14 to 5 and didn't feel like anything you cant over come. It just couldn't get started offensively. It just turned into a bad day, we have had one of those before, and lets get out of there and get back to work. When you turn the ball over three times you wind up losing. That's what happens."
  • Russell Wilson running, "I think he looked great. I think he'll continue to get better but he took full advantage of the opportunities, and that will help us down the road. It makes them have to game plan for that. He was ready to move when the rush was on, and they were coming hot. So in that there is a little bit of an unsettled time, where he's wondering if he should pass or run. He calmed down but it just wasn't a sharp enough game for us."
  • Players coming back from injury, "Mike (Morgan) is finally ready to go, he'll play this week. Michael (Bennett) has a chance to play, we're anticipating, last week it was close. This is the week he should come back. Both Shead and Earl could come back. Shead looked very good on Friday's workout. He was close to playing in this past game. Earl will be by the end of the week(to see). So we have a whole bunch of guys who could get back so that will be great."


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