The Thanksgiving season is one where we can reflect on what we are thankful for and be grateful for it in our lives. As passionate Seahawks fans there is nothing that we should show more gratitude for than Pete Carroll, his philosophy and his staff. Never knowing when it might end we should appreciate everything he has brought us!


  • Carroll has brought us a winning dynasty that we never could have imagined. One that is competitive in every aspect of the organization. A competitive team that fights and scraps till the end.  Here's what Carroll said recently about them battling to the end, "We're playing hard. I know that, I was so fired up watching the film. Our guys are so tough out there. They were pounding on guys, all the way to the end. They were just bangin folks. It just shows you that they are in it for the right reasons. They are not playing for the score, they're not playin for how many stats, they just want to knock the heck out of somebody. They'll keep going till its over."


  • A positive, motivational attitude that pervades all players, staff, 12s alike. The Seahawks are in every game they play. There is a never quit mentality with a positive spin. One that we can take into our own personal lives and once it gets going it spreads like wildfire.
  • There's is nothing this man has covered or thought of. From competition, to fear, to challenges, to find specific players with a certain mentality, to a championship mindset, a constant positive attitude even when in the bleakest of situations, and maybe the most important, a belief and will that things are going to happen, Pete Carroll has them all tackled.
  • Doubted at every turn when he took this job for Seattle, he continually proved people wrong win after win. He's embedded this into his team. There is never any doubt or feeling of unbelief among anyone players or staff.
  • He brought Seattle it's first Super Bowl championship, SB48.
  • "I’ve learned that possibly the greatest detractor from high performance is fear: fear that you are not prepared, fear that you are in over your head, fear that you are not worthy, and ultimately, fear of failure. If you can eliminate that fear—not through arrogance or just wishing difficulties away, but through hard work and preparation—you will put yourself in an incredibly powerful position to take on the challenges you face"

  • "It's about being the very best you can be. Nothing else matters as long as you're working and striving to be your best. Always compete. It's truly that simple. Find the way to do your best. Compete in everything you do."

competitive, belief, will


 So on behalf of all the 12s in the world, we send a heart felt thanks to Pete Carroll and his legendary philosophy!! #GOHAWKS

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