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CARROLL TALKS HAWKS: "They were pounding on guys, all the way to the end."


  • ON EARL THOMAS "He's got a hamstring. We'll see how long it takes, its a first degree (means it s a minor pull). Those are usually 10 to 14 days. He's smart and he'll go if he can."
  • ON CJ PROSISE "Too bad about CJ, We don't know the extent or how long its going to be. But he's hurt for sometime. What a fantastic start to the game, he looked great. Everybody can see what we are talking about, it's pretty obvious he's a fantastic player"
  • ON RUSSELL WILSON  "He was all over the place. He was running around and flying around. Making great decisions, a fantastic decision on Jimmy's play. He just keeps doing it. He's as close now as he's been(to 100%), it was the best yet. It will be good to see that back in the offense. Most guys will just throw that ball away(on TD to Jimmy) but he just waited it out and used all that  athleticism you ever could've drawn, throwing back across (his body) but right to him(Jimmy). Jimmy just took full advantage of it and put it in the endzone. Every time he moves I think he's going to make things happen"
  • WILSON GETTING THE BALL OUT " The value in our pass protection really comes from the rhythm that we've developed over the years to speed things up. Russell is so quick with the ball, lots of time guys just get in their sets and then the balls gone. A really good pass rusher you don't even know they are there."
  • ON THE SEAHAWKS GETTING REALLY PHYSICAL We're playing hard. I know that, I was so fired up watching the film. Our guys are so tough out there. They were pounding on guys, all the way to the end. They were just bangin folks. It just shows you that they are in it for the right reasons. They are not playing for the score, they're not playin for how many stats, they just want to knock the heck out of somebody. They'll keep going till its over.
  • WHO LEADS AND HOW "Mike Bennett is leading from the sidelines. You got Bobby just doing amazing things. KJ wont say a word but just keeps banging on everybody. Kam just pounded them down to the last couple plays he had. Everybody was flying. Nobody is playing harder than Frank. If you catch Frank on the last couple plays he's just throwing his body at the offensive line. It is just fantastic what he's doing."
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