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Kam Chancellor is the soul of the Seahawks defense

Kam Chancellor returned to the Seahawks after battling a groin injury that kept him out for several weeks. In the meantime the Seahawks had filled in with Kelcie McCray at strong safety. He should get credit because he did a great job for being the back up. While Kelcie was good, Kam Chancellor brings a little more than just filling a role. Kam commands the respect of opposing offenses in both the run game and those dink & dunk passes over the middle. The "ENFORCER" makes teams pay by stuffing the run and punishing anyone who comes into his zone.

Here's what Pete Carroll said when Kam was out, "Kam commands everyone's direction out there and it hard to fulfill the same role."

Kam Chancellor was back in action on SNF and essentially won the game for them. Last year he did the same  VS the Detroit Lions. The Enforcer returned for the battle of the best two teams in the NFL and we are glad he did. He changed the way the Patriots could attack the on Seahawks defense. He had a crucial stop on the 1 yard line to keep RB Blunt from getting into the endzone. Determined to get a turnover, he forced a fumble on Edelman to give the Seahawks the ball in the 4th quarter. He nearly had another forced fumble too.

Kam is the heart and soul of the Seattle defense. Even when not playing, you could see Kam working with his teammates.  He would work with defense, telling them where to go and what to do. Chancellor's presence on the field could clearly be seen last night. There's no doubt Kam means more to the Seahawks defense than any other player!


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