Seahawks coach talks offseason


OVERALL VS SAINTS: "Things were going ok, but we just didn't get on track offensively. Drew Brees had a pretty typical Brees day, he almost everything they caught a lot of balls and they were able to keep moving the sticks , they did a terrific job on 3rd down, and we couldn't stop it. Turns out we had our chances."

"They are the best 3 and 6 (statistically) or less the last 3 years. They are really really good there. They got to play right into their strength and(we) couldn't get out of there."

DID FATIGUE PLAY A ROLE: " I don't know and I don't care, that's the last thing I would attend too as a concern after the fact. We did everything we could do to help our guys get ready, they did a really good job adjusting , adapting during the week to prepare. I don't feel like that was the issue at all. But its always nicer to be fresher you know. I think we did a pretty darn good job.

GEORGE FANT LEFT TACKLE: "He missed some stuff and the penalties you know. He played really well and played really good.( for being his first start in NFL)"

OFFENSE: "The explosive plays just aren't happening, typically we've been a very explosive team and we are not getting those plays so it feels as if its shifted. We weren't really functioning like we should on 3rd down, that's another area we can focus on."

FINAL PLAY AND WILSON DECISION TO KEARSE: We missed by inches(on the final play), He felt like he ran out of time so he just went with that play, those routes and decided to go to Kearse and gave him a shot at it. Given more time he would of done some things different.

 ON THE REFEREES: "There were a lot of calls that could have gone one way or the other. There were a bunch of calls that were very significant in this ball game. There was such a huge discrepancy and even the significance of the calls that were called. They had next to nothing that affected the significance of the play. One of theirs was a field goal(penalty, false start)."

MOVING FOWARD: "I think were are going to turn in the next couple weeks and your going to see something really shift and I'm really excited about it. We may be fortunate to be as far along as we are right now!"


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