The Seahawks enter the second of back to back road games, this one at the New Orleans Saints at 10 am. The Seahawks have to get things right quick, especially after the Hawks defense was on the field for about 3 quarters of play last week. The overtime defensive battle took a toll on the Seahawks D. Pete Carroll said this the day after AZ, "It was hard on them. I know the announcers, the broadcasters were talking about that too. Our guys were hurting last night, they were physically drained. So they gave us everything they had and they gave us a chance throughout." Reports of Seahawks who weren't even able to walk across the locker room came out and its the reason they didn't leave University of Phoenix stadium for hours after the game. "We needed to take care of our guys", said Carroll. Several of the Seahawks players suffered from a heat exhaustion as they exerted ever ounce of energy they had. Pete said they were in recovery mode and would take care of everyone so they would be good to go come the Saints game.


A LOOK AT NEW ORLEANS:  The New Orleans Saints are 2-4 in what looks to be a weak division. The Atlanta Falcons are now 4-3 after losing to the Seahawks and then the San Diego Chargers in overtime last week at home. This means the Saint can make a push for a division lead and Saints head coach Sean Peyton stressed that to his players. The Saints defense is quite poor and the weak link on their team but Drew Brees is a passing king. He can put his team into position to win any game. The future Hall of Famer will be a sole focus for the Seahawks defense. Pressure will be key and they should be able to generate a solid pass rush as they have all year.



  • Just like the Seahawks the Saints have a great home field advantage at the Super Dome. It can be a tough place to play, which means the Seahawks will need to be focused and avoid mistakes.
  • Jimmy Graham returns for the first time to New Orleans where he started his career. You can be assured Graham will have something to prove to his former team. All I got to say is the Saints defense may get a taste of what the rest of the NFL had to deal with in Jimmy.


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