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Seahawks Pete Carroll: "There was a big frustration because we had a shot"

Pete Carroll talks about the tie game with Arizona.


DEFENSE: "When the offense struggles like that it gets hard. It is remarkable, how they represented(the Defense.) The offensive guys got it done too( at the end). Hanging before halftime was really a big statement. I was really charged by that one. Getting out there with no points and letting the clock run out. That was a fantastic surge right there, the goal line stand was great there too.  It was hard on them. I know the announcers, the broadcasters were talking about that too, late last night. Our guys were hurting last night, they were physically drained. So they gave us everything they had and they gave us a chance throughout. So we walk away from that game, and its like a scrimmage when its all over(since it was a tie). You know it just felt like a scrimmage where you go out there and play for 2 hours, 3 hours sometimes and its over and you go home. There's no winning or losing you just play to play. That's what it felt like. We take a lot out of that, and we take a lot out of that game. It will help us, we'll be stronger. We will be more determined to do what we can do."

ON THE DEFENSE BATTLING ALL NIGHT: "These guys don't cease to amaze. Its a deeper level than just their performance, its about this opportunity they are engaged in, how they talk and how they believe and how they act on it. I'm their greatest fan and I cant wait to see what they do next."

ON THE TIE: "On the tie: I've never been in a tie before. So I felt unprepared, I've never prepared myself. I'm prepared for a lot of stuff though(but not that) I wasn't prepared to respond to that. It was a first time but it feels like you played football all night and battling you know and the result not been there. There was a big frustration because we had a shot to get out of there. There's no reason to not believe it's gonna happen. There's no fan , no coach, no player who should feel otherwise. I mean look at what had to happen to get that done! You know were frustrated to no get that(win) but your like is it a good thing or a bad thing. In my mind it's going to work out ok, we're still 4-1 in the division and that one is going to have to hang there for a while( the last one on the record 4-1-1). It's better than what the other result could of been though. They doinked it off the goal post and were still playing (though). We'll take it this time ( the tie).


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