Seahawks coach talks offseason


Pete Carroll:

  • On the non passing interference call:

    "It was a jump ball and Sherm had a little bit of his arm. Every play there's something going on. There's all kinds of bumpin, shoving and stuff. They have to determine it so, that's not a big deal to us. We look the way we look and you guys that's kinda stuff you can talk about. (discussion of the final play). They could of called it, they don't call those calls in any other time either. It was pretty incidental. If he impedes the guy to catch the ball (that the official rule), then there's question. There's a lot of lee way here.  These guys ( the referees) have to make these calls and its hard to do. They don't do it exactly the same all the time and they don't always see what puts the guy in the imposition. There was a little bit of that there. They held us all the time on plays and there's an arm battle that they allow as long as its away from the body and they don't grab the guy and hold on and pull them away. That's what they are looking for. They are workin at it, it's just very difficult, its always going to be difficult."

  • On the third quarter: "We got a little bit out of whack, there's no denying it or question about that. Fortunately in the 4th quarter we played great, and so that period of time we were out of whack, they took advantage of it. Their a great football team, they can throw it , they can catch it as well as anybody in the NFL.  They got a little span where they got going. Then we got a little bit quite on offense, so it just added up. We really need the offense to cover for us there for the defense. We needed them to hold on to that football a little bit, to give us sometime to get redirected and all that. It was an amazing 3rd quarter of activity. I've never seen a sideline like that. I've never seen a bunch of guys respond like that.  They wanted to be back together so bad. To draw their guys back together. They were working like crazy down there to get back ballin again. It was a marvelous, marvelous challenge. I backed off, and they were all in on winning the football game. Sherm was just battling and they were just tryin to pull him back in. They love him so much. They were like wherever you are just come back to us, you know! Earls got him by the hair and he's like come back man! The guys are just tryin to be helpful but you just need a little time to let it simmer! I went up to Sherm and he's like I'm not ready to talk yet kinda thing. I get it! I gotcha!"

  • Why he was so upset?:

    "Because it didn't work out right. We gave 'em a free play then we gave 'em another."

  • More on Sherman on the sideline: "We have been together a long time and we're ready to take on the expectations! Sometimes that can grab at ya and pull ya in the wrong direction & get ya out of where you normally are. That's our big challenge and stayin focused week to week, play in and play out. And be who you are regardless of whats going on around you. That is a tremendous challenge and were pretty frickin good at it but sometimes we all get out there(lose your cool). You saw me in LA I got a little out there. It can happen to all of us!"

  • On the botched plays: "Kam commands everyone's direction out there and it hard to fulfill the same role. Its not that Kelcie did anything wrong it just something that someone (Sherman) is depending on is not there. It causes an opportunity to think other wise.  We just missed it that's all. The amount of details to make it work is extraordinary. There's a lot of complexities and intricacies(in our defensive system)."

  •  Michael Bennett's injury:  "I don't know enough about that yet. He's got a slight groin pull, he's got a good chance to make it back this week  but we'll see. It's not guaranteed though. Bennett's test showed nothing serious "the evaluations were nothing serious" as Carroll put it.
  • Frank Clark injury:  "Just didn't have all the strength to keep him from reinjuring." Carroll did say he should be good to go for the Cardinal game.

  • Luke Wilson: "We need to see, he's an extraordinary healer. He did tweek his knee."

Pete Carroll asked about if this is the best (qb) pressure team? "There is no doubt, its coming of age as Bobby and KJ as blitzer's, Its the coming of age of Chris(Richard), he likes being aggressive."

  • Russell Wilson performing with injury:  "I thought he looked good moving around. He's for sure fast enough and quick enough. He was able to find space ( he needed in the passing game)."

  • On the Sherman's competitive nature: "I really like to live in on the edge with these guys! He's a razors edge of emotional and all that. He had to fight through it."

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