The Seattle Mariners draft Kyle Lewis a power hitting outfielder

Mariners baseball draft

The Seattle Mariners draft a power hitter Kyle Lewis with the #11 overall pick in the MLB draft. Mariners scouts and Jerry Dipoto both liked Lewis, but had no idea he'd be available to them at #11. He was rated by many as the top 8 prospect. Lewis played at a small college, Mercer University but has really come on in the last two seasons. He hit 17 homeruns and 20 in his last season. Basically he hit a homer every 11th at bat. He also faired well in the summer league he played in last summer, the Cape Cod league. A league for the best some of the best college prospects. Dipoto says he'll have a shot at center field in the minors but projects as a right fielder in the majors.

Tom McNamara amateur scouting director for the Mariners had this to say. “He’s got to work to do, he knows he does, but he’s eager to get going. That was kind of neat, his response when we called him (after the selection) … I kinda like his answer: ‘I’m ready to go,'” McNamara said. “We feel good about the person and the work ethic. … He has got aptitude for baseball, he loves the game and he’s got talent. It’s a nice combo.”

In the second round the Mariners have taken the 40th ranked 3rd baseman Joe Rizzo with the #50 pick. Rizzo is a high school draftee that bats left handed.


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