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Seahawks: Thomas Rawls has chance to be League leader in rushing 2016

Seahawks Rawls

The Seahawks are still recovering from the loss of Marshawn Lynch but while Lynch remained sidelined for almost the entire year a new star emerged. Thomas Rawls, an undrafted rookie who made the team last year from training camp surprised everyone including Pete Carroll. Rawls was atop the NFL when he suffered a broken ankle last year. He was averaging more than rookie sensation Todd Gurley in St. Louis. He was busting out games of over 160 yards and 200 yards. He was running over people and looking for contact. That's something very familiar to Seahawks fans as Lynch made his name bulling defenders "over... over ... and over and over and over and over and over, as Marshawn put it recently. It goes perfectly with what the Seahawks want, they want to wear an opponent out and capitalize in the 4th quarter ( where a game is won or lost). Pete Carroll last year compared Rawls to a bull who wants to "gore people". It was the same thing that Carroll had seen of Rawls in college. He would look for contact and just run people over. Even though Pete had seen this in Rawls college tape, Carroll was pleasantly surprised by Rawls numbers on the field. Carroll said that Thomas Rawls had really 'shown them something" when the time came to let the rubber meet the road. If Rawls had not been injured and continued his ridiculous numbers he would have been up at the top of the NFL. Rawls has a quick burst that Lynch never had and although it would be silly to compare him to Marshawn Lynch, Rawls may prove to be not only an adequate replacement for Lynch but may be a perfect one. Rawls is currently rehabbing the ankle he injured in the Baltimore Ravens game last year but seems to be on track for a season opener return. Both Pete Carroll and John Schneider have said his recovery is going well and they expect him back for the beginning of the season. Only time will tell but Rawls has a chance to explode on the NFL in 2016 and be more than any of us thought he could be!

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