Seahawks Trades in 2016 Draft: You Know they will

SEATTLE 2016 Seahawks draft

APRIL 28 2016

The 2o16 NFL Draft is rapidly approaching and the Seahawks have 9 picks. In a draft in which the Seahawks GM John Schneider said it was the deepest draft since 2012 (as far as their board goes), you know the Seahawks are ready to start making trades. The Seahawks have routinely traded their 1st round pick and have always loved to trade down( last year they traded for Jimmy Graham before that they used one in the Percy Harvin trade) .This year they haven't traded their 1st round yet and the Hawks will certainly keep trading it as an option. Jokingly, Schneider said recently he didn't know what a 1st round pick was. All the talent available this year especially on the defensive tackle position makes trading a very tempting option, the Seahawks will most likely trade out of the 1st round to acquire more picks to add to their competition philosophy. The needs this year include pass rush( as it always does), the offensive line and guys to add to the defensive line rotation. There is nothing more exciting than the draft, especially with the Seahawks. You have no idea what their going to do and they have their own unique talent evaluation. You only need look at the previous picks that have stirred controversy. Bruce Irvin, who was graded as a D by most analyst. All he did was lead all rookies in sacks the next year. Russell Wilson, who everyone thought was too short to compete in the NFL. Tyler Lockett last year was deemed a poor pick, most said he was too thin. JR Sweezy who the Seahawks converted from d-line to the o-line. He was a starter from day one and just received one of the more lucrative deals this off season as a free agent. The list goes on and on. This 2016 could be one to remember and the best part is we have no idea as to what could happen.


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