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Seahawks Draft 2016: Schneider thinks its the deepest draft since 2012

The Seattle Seahawks are closing in on making their selections for the 2016 Draft and and the Seahawks have 9 picks to play with.

2016 Seahawk Draft Picks:

  •       Rd 1:  SEA Own pick 26th overall)
  •       Rd 2: SEA Own pick
  •       Rd 3: SEA Own pick, + projected comp. pick for Maxwell
    Rd 4: SEA Own pick
    Rd 5: Projected comp. pick for Carpenter,  traded their own for McCray to Kansas City
    Rd 6: Projected comp. pick for Smith, own pick traded for Seisay to Detroit
    Rd 7: SEA Own pick,  + additional pick acquired from C. Michael trade to Dallas

According to Seahawks GM John Schneider it is one of the deepest drafts in a while. The Seahawks have about 200 guys on their draft board now. This hasn't happened since 2012, is what John Schneider mentioned to Mitch in the Morning on 950 KJR in Seattle. This could mean some trading down to acquire more picks in later rounds. This draft is deep in defensive lineman and offensive lineman as well. Trying to predict what the Hawks will do is almost impossible but I see several trades in this Draft not only trading down but even up to take a certain lineman or player they got circled( like they did with Tyler Lockett).


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