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2016 Seattle Seahawks Schedule Breakdown

Seahawks 2016 Schedule football home and away times

The Seattle Seahawks Schedule for 2016 has arrived and it has the look of being very favorable.

Schedule Notes & Breakdown:

  • The Seahawks will have 5 primetime games including three at home.  Those include Oct. 23 @ Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night Football, MNF on Nov. 7 vs the Buffalo Bills in Seattle, SNF @ New England Nov. 13, SNF @ vs Carolina Panthers, and the Thursday Night game vs the LA Rams on Dec 15.
  • The 3 home primetime games are nice to see after the NFL decided to stay away from Seattle in 2015, because of the consistent blowouts at the Clink. The majority of the Hawks games are fairly close games but Century Link can be overwhelming at times for opposing teams and leads to the occasional blowout(for a while there it was a consistent blow out on primetime).
  • There will be only two 10 AM starts. The Seahawks have overcome the habitual loss associated with the 10 am starts but its nice to see they won't have a whole slew of 10 am starts in 2016. The St. Louis Rams move to L.A. negated one of those 10 am starts.
  • The Seahawks will not a face a team that made the playoffs last year until week 8 when they face the Arizona Cardinals. The Seahawks should get off to a solid start, although the pesky Rams in week two will certainly give the Hawks trouble.
  • The Seahawks will face New England after their bye week. Bill and the Patriots are nearly unstoppable after their bye week. It will also be a short week since their previous game will be on Monday Night Football vs the Bills.
  • The Green Bay Packer game on Dec. 11 may bring some cold weather to the Frozen Tundra. Lambeau field is already a great home field advantage but in the winter it's even more of one.
  • The final game vs the Arizona Cardinals could decide the division it will be in Seattle on Dec 24, Christmas Eve. It could be a nice present for all 12's.
  • The game I have circled is the SNF game against the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers knocked us out of the playoffs last year and beat us at home in 2015. The Hawks and all of Seattle will give them hell on Dec. 4.         #BeatthePanthers #CarvsSEA2016

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