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Seattle Seahawks Division Moves: RAMS TRADE FOR #1 PICK

In a block buster move announced Thursday morning the Titans have traded their no. 1 pick to the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams must have a QB in mind for 2016 Draft. The rams gave up a slew of picks that could be disastrous for the LA RAMS. Remember what happened to the Redskins? Here's what the Tennessee Titans hauled in from the trade.

Heres the deal from Bleacher Report:  "Tennessee will receive the No. 15 (first round), No. 43 (second round), No. 45 (second round) and No. 76 (third round) picks in the 2016 draft, along with L.A.'s first- and third-round selections in 2017.

The Titans also dealt the No. 113 (fourth round) and No. 177 (sixth round) picks in 2016 to Los Angeles to complete the trade."

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