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Seattle Seahawks Division opponent the 49ers

Here is quick look at the 49ers a NFC West division opponent and what they are doing this offseason. The first team to look at will be the San Francisco 49ers.


  • Salary Cap The 49ers were only a shadow of what they had been in years past and turmoil reigned supreme last season from coach to Quarter back. Part of their rebuilding process has left them a significant amount of salary cap this offseason. It also led to the firing of Jim Tomsula, who seemed to be an interim while they started their rebuild.
  • Chip Kelly A coach who was run out of Philadelphia has found refuge in San Francisco. Kelly's scheme didn't work so well in Philly but there seemed to be a lot of opposition to his philosophy there. The 49ers look to him to turn around their organization. What Chip will implement this time and with what QB remains to be seen. It will be interesting to say the least, Kelly needs a lot of help on both sides of the ball to get it back on the straight and narrow for San Fran.
  • Colin Kaepernick He will be the biggest story this offseason. Reports have come out that Kelly doesn't want to use Colin in his offense. Some think he will be traded or cut. It doesn't make sense, unlike Sam Bradford, Kaepernick seems to fit Kelly's offense perfect. The experiment with the Eagles may have changed his mind though. Nonetheless the 49ers have a quarterback issue in a quarterback league.
  • 12 Draft picks The 49ers will have a lot of draft capitol including the #7 spot in this years NFL draft. 12 picks will give them lots of leverage for trades and to package things together to get the guys they want. Although they have a lot of picks , they have more holes than draft picks. They will need to hit solid on most of them to turn around an abysmal Offensive line and a weak sauce defense.

The 49ers got a lot of work ahead of them and we'll checkin to see what they are up to after free agency begins. We'll also look at the other teams in the Seahawks division the Rams and Cardinals.


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