SB 48 seahawks broncos

Seahawks had a hand in getting the Broncos back to Super Bowl

SB 48 seahawks broncos


A look back at Super Bowl 48

The Seahawks were a defensive juggernaut going against the best offense in NFL history. The story all week leading up to the game was about Peyton Manning and the ridiculous offense of  the Broncos. The game went quite one sided as the Seahawks defense demolished the Bronco offense on every level. The defense was in Manning's face all game long and it led to 4 turnovers. The Seahawks offense also was rolling as the Seahawks captured their first championship in startling fashion 43-8. The Seahawks had a hand in getting the Broncos back to the Super Bowl this year as John Elway went to work on building a defense capable of a championship.  The blow out in the SB 48 made a big statement to the Broncos and served as a formula for them to build on. They went out that next year and signed Damarcus Ware, Aquib Talib, T.J. Ward and then proceeded to draft defensive players to add to the mix. The  Broncos are now set to face the Panthers in SB 50. It is the complete opposite of the team they brought in SB 48. It is centered around the defense. The offense is merely fraction of what it had been  and seems to be just along for the ride. Their defense carried them through the entire season, all the way till now. John Elway's plan was to become more like the Seahawks on the Defensive side and its proved to be a winning formula. Sunday will be a close matchup as the Panthers are no slouch on defense and their offense the best in the NFL this season. Peyton Manning will get another shot at the Super Bowl and it will be in a different fashion. If they win it'll be because of their defense and Seahawks had a big hand in getting them back to the Super Bowl.

Prediciton #DenvsCar :

Broncos 21

Carolina 17

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