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The Seahawks don't know how to not compete: Blast the Cardinals 36-6

Offense rolling


The Seahawks had no plan to rest anyone who wasn't injured Sunday. The Cardinals looked like they were stuck in between resting and going all out for the season finale.  It didn't mean anything for the Cardinals(who still had a chance at the #1 seed if the Carolina Panthers lost), since the Panthers won against the Tampa Bucs. It was priceless to see the maddened looks and frustration on the faces of the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals rested Carson Palmer for the second half, but by that time the Seahawks had already started to blow out the Cardinals. The most meaningful message is that the Seahawks are for real. They let the Cardinals and the rest of the NFL know they are still the team to beat. No one in the NFL wants to face Hawks right now, they demolished probably the best team in the NFL in every aspect. The Seahawks with the win also have a chance to take the 5th seed depending on the Packers & Vikings game tonight.


  • Russell Wilson broke the Seahawks franchise record for both TDs and Yards in the win over the AZ Cardinals
  • The Seahawks defense finishes as the top scoring defense for the 4th year in a row, despite all the turmoil this year.