SEAvsAZ: Seattle Seahawks Division Battle



SEAvsAZ: Seattle Seahawks Division Preview

The Seahawks enter the final game of the season hot, but not red hot. The Seahawks lost at home to a scrappy St. Louis Rams team that seems to give division opponents trouble time and again. The Seahawks were kicking themselves after that one, 3 turnovers and lots of missed opportunities.  Before the Rams game the Seahawks and Russell Wilson were on a historic tear, breaking and setting records that have never been done before. It's only one game at time though and next up are the NFC WEST CHAMPIONS, the Arizona Cardinals (it really hurts to say that). They enter the final week a little banged up. The hope is they will get a few players back.  Russel Okung, Kam  Chancellor, Luke Willson, Jordan Hill and JR Sweezy are the more notable players out for Seattle at this point. The Seahawks roster could have a few back this week and most should be ready come the Playoffs.

Carson Palmer vs Russell Wilson by the numbers:

Carson Palmer

  • 4542 yards @ 302.8 per game
  • 34 TDs, 10 INTs
  • 106.8 QB Rating
  • 64.5 completion %

Russell Wilson

  • 3827 yards @ 255.1 per game
  • 31 TDs , 8 INTs
  • 109.3 QB Rating
  • 68.1 completion %

Keys to the game for Seahawks

  • Russell Wilson needs to be upright. He can't take the beating he took vs. St. Louis. We all saw how he came up limping and banged up on several plays. Russell face planted into the turf will lead to a disaster in AZ and an early exit in the Playoffs.
  • Seattle needs to establish a decent running game. It doesn't need to be ridiculous numbers but at least more consistent than last week. The Rams D-line and injuries had a lot to do with that.
  • The Offensive needs to control time of possession. Whether that be by running the ball well or a efficient pass attack. Giving the ball to a well rounded, high powered offense like the Cardinals will only lead to disaster.
  • The Seahawks cant turn the ball over. They need to control the ball especially with the game being in Arizona.
  • The Hawks defense needs to put some fear into the Cardinals. The leveling hits that used to a dominant part of the LOB need to be re-established. The fear seems to be almost gone as teams are finding the creases in the defense. Getting in the face of Palmer, making him uncomfortable and putting him on his back seem to be my favorite ways of doing it. The LOB can establish that fear as well and laying some wood will suffice vs. AZ.
  • Finally the Seahawks can not give up huge plays. They lead to ugly momentum swings and huge holes for digging out of.


Seahawks 33 Cardinals 31

The Seahawks can re-establish themselves for a playoff run and a win in Arizona will go a long way in driving them forward. The well rounded Cardinals will have something to say about that, it will be close. #GoHawks


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