BALDWIN 1000 yard

Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin on pace for first 1000 yard season

The Seahawks Doug Baldwin is having a career best season. His last 5 games have been unbelievable and has no doubt been the best in the NFL through those five games.

Here are his numbers through the last 5 games:

30 catches

515 yards


He is on pace to break a Seahawks WR record for touchdowns which is 13 and he is at 11. The most surprising stat is his targets/TD, as Richard Sherman pointed out he has the best ratio in the NFL. Only Tyler Eifert TE has a better ratio. He is third in NFL in touchdowns with 11 and his past 3 years combined he had 11  total TD's. He is also on pace to have a 1000 yard season. It would be the first for a Seahawks WR since 2007 and the first of Baldwin's career.

2015 numbers so far:

860 yards

11 touchdowns

61 catches

The Seahawks over the past 5 games have really opened up the passing offense. The Offensive line has come together and allowed Russell Wilson to step up in the pocket. The result has been Russell Wilson throwing all over field. Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett have been the go to receivers for Russell. Baldwin in particular has had breakout production through this stretch.  It looks like it will only continue this week as the hawks will play the Cleveland Browns at Century Link Field. The hawks may be even more prone to throw the ball with the injuries to Lynch and Thomas Rawls. We'll see if Doug can sustain his dominant streak and prove to everyone he's not a pedestrian receiver. I'll end with a quote from Richard Sherman "Doug Baldwin for PRO BOWL"



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