Kam Chancelor is 5 weeks into his hold out and is starting to irritate fans as well as media in Seattle. Holding out for more money is fine until it starts to hurt the team. Kam may be asking for more money up front, incentives, or a new deal all together but at this point his reputation is at stake. His teammates have been quoted as saying we need Kam back. Local talk radio shows BROCK AND SALK from 710 espn seattle and Softy from 950 KJR are also getting irritated. The Holdout is not so much the problem, but as to how he is going about it. He has 3 years left on his deal. At the time of his deal it was one of the best strong safety contracts in the NFL. He has missed all of training camp and the first 3 preseason games. Kam has certainly kept himself in shape but there's no way he's in football shape. Even with massive fines hanging over his head he has stood strong and not budged on his stance. The holdout now is starting to piss people off. The longer this holdout goes on the more Seattle fans, media and even teammates will changed there perception of him. It comes off as arrogant, selfish and money hungry. General manager John Schneider is also holding fast to avoid a precedent that could make it a routine thing to holdout for more money. He can't have any more players knocking on his door asking for more money. The Seahawks are strapped for cash and cant budge in any significant way as the salary cap is already starting to push the limit.
Final thoughts:
Kam needs to show up now
Seattle's front office can not offer a significant deal or restructure
Dion Bailey is the starter for now