Christine Michael's Chances running out with Fred Jackson visit

Christine Michael has got to show up tonight in order to stay on this roster for much longer. He has all the talent to be a dominant back in this league. Pete Carroll and John Schneider have raved of his explosiveness and speed. What he hasn't shown is the ability to read the blocking in front of him. His fumbling problem hasn't helped and Pete hates that. His rb coach alluded to the fact he carries the ball in the wrong hand alot of the time. Fred Jackson visited the Seahawks this week but may wait till after the season opener to sign him. By doing that, the Seahawks won't have to guarantee his salary. The hawks wont wait much longer for Michael to come around. He needs a huge game tonight, even though Turbin's injury may have bought him some time. The fact they brought in Jackson is not a good sign for Michael. Can he turn it around tonight, probably not, but maybe he can buy himself a little more time.